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From the editor: "We are amazed by the quality, thickness, and flexibility of the mat. We love how they are great for tummy time when your baby is little, and only gets better once they start sitting, crawling, and even walking (we tested the product with 3 babies aged 6 months, 10 months, and over a year old)." [Read full article]

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Awesome!! Perfect Mat for my sons! Actually my husband likes it more than my sons. This mat is perfect for every places.. living room, playroom, bedroom. I like everything this has. Quality, size and color. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to buy this 
mat at a good price


Love the color and love the material. My little one loves to play on the mat. I am so glad that I bought this one. I wish I could cover my entire living room with alzip mat. I will recommend to all moms who needs playmat for babies and kids.


It’s very comfortable and safe for kids and perfect for a nap. 
I feel good with the eco- friendly material and it’s makes our living room luxurious. 

Kayla Y.