We are parents of two beautiful young boys. Our first boy was born in Korea where we had great options of baby products. When he started crawling, we were introduced to ALZIP play mat. It was considered one of the MUST-HAVE baby items in Korea and we really enjoyed it very much. 

Then our family moved to Vancouver, BC and we had our second boy in Canada. When he started crawling, we were desperately looking for a baby play mat like ALZIP, but we could not find one. So we decided to import ourselves and give the opportunity to all families in Canada to enjoy ALZIP baby play mat.

Wunderkids is the only authorized importer and seller of ALZIP baby play mat in Canada. We are proud to bring safe, eco-friendly and premium quality baby products into Canadian homes. We believe, among all of your baby products, ALZIP play mat must be the most money well spent baby item at your home. 

From Kate & Matt