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A baby room that 

takes every worry away

Welcome to the good life

  • Safe from all the dangers at home

  • The only baby proofing you need

  • Find time to do things you need to do

  • Pet & big kids free zone

  • Create a safe little playroom

Little details that make your life even easier!

Newly Upgraded Accessaries Included!

Smart design for multiple configurations

Why Alzip baby room vs. other playpen

Why Alzip vs. other playpen


baby room



Metal playpen 

or baby gate


Fitting playmat

Big size

Easy assembly 

Used as playroom

Light weight 

Rounded edge

Baby door

They love Alzip baby room

All play and no risk

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  • Free Shipping & Easy Return

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty


Q. Is it safe? Can I see the safety test result?

Absolutely, Alzip Baby Room is free from heavy metals including lead, VOCs including Formaldehyde, Flame Retardants, Bisphenol A, Toluene, 2-Methoxyethylacetate and Nitrobenzene. Please download the full report as below.

Q. Can I order each panel, not as a set?

Sorry, we only sell as a 12 piece set to fit with the playmat.

Q. Does it have suction underneath?

It does not have suctions. The Baby Room set comes with 20 anti-slip pads that you can put underneath the baby rooms.

Q. How tall is it? Can my baby climb up?

It is 65cm high. Considering the average 1-year-old babies are 75cm tall, they cannot climb up. Once they reach the age that they can figure out how to open the door, we recommend your baby to use the door. Climbing up the baby room could cause injury.