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Shipping update 3 for Canadian customers (Mar 29)

Dear customers who ordered Pre-Order items in Canada, 
We really hoped to be sharing some good news (and tracking numbers) today.  Unfortunately we're still waiting on most of our inventory to be made available at Amazon FBA.
They did receive our shipment on Saturday evening and Sunday morning as scheduled.  Baby rooms and extensions became "Available" to ship immediately so the orders with only baby rooms or extensions have been shipped out already. (If you have ordered both baby room and the playmat and would like to receive the baby room first, please let us know.)
But playmats are still showing as "Reserved - FC Transfer", which means Amazon has decided to move these items to another one of their warehouses before they become "Available" for shipping.
In our past experiences, all inbound items become "Available" within a few hours.  This is the first time ever where we've had 100% of playmats transferred to other warehouses.  We've since followed up with Amazon to see if there was some kind of error, and asked when goods would likely be available for shipment.  Below is the generic response received:

We can also see our items for sale on, with estimated in-stock dates showing as Apr. 10, which is a date determined by Amazon.  At this point, we really can't say if ship date will be 1 to 5 more days (as suggested above) OR Apr. 10 (as suggested below).


We're truly sorry for the continued delays, and we can appreciate how frustrating this might be for some of you needing your playmats urgently. 
Unfortunately there's little we can do to make Amazon move faster.  If you can't wait any longer, just let us know, and we'll cancel your order and issue a full refund.
Thank you!
the Wunderkids team
Mar 29, 2021.