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Pre-Order Shipping Updates (Mar 19)

Dear customers who have ordered pre-order items, 

We would like to provide an update on pre-order shipments.

At the time of your purchase, you would have seen an estimated ship date of tomorrow, Mar. 20.  Initially it was looking like everything would arrive weeks sooner, but unfortunately there has been a series of delays while your products were in-transit from our manufacturer in Korea to our partner fulfillment centre (Amazon FBA) in Brampton, ON.  

Firstly, the container was stuck inside the container yard at Vancouver port for 2 weeks (usually 2-3 days), which you'll see annotated below.  Reasons for delays were cited as "port is at 130% capacity due to COVID-19 operating restrictions, increased trade volumes, increased backlog of containers awaiting transfer".

Despite these delays, the container arrived in Toronto earlier this week, and was scheduled for delivery to Amazon FBA today, so we thought there would still be a good chance that most (or all) orders would still ship out by tomorrow as expected.  Unfortunately, Amazon is also operating at never seen before capacities, plus dealing with warehouse closures and constraints due to COVID, so our delivery trucks were turned away after waiting 7 hours to unload.  No reason was given as to why deliveries were rejected, so our only option is to rebook and try to deliver again early next week.  

We've now requested new delivery appointments with Amazon FBA for Tues, Mar. 23, and are awaiting booking confirmation.  If all goes to plan, Amazon FBA will receive our container then, and will be able to ship out all your pending orders within a few days, hopefully no later than Mar. 25/26.  Please note that deliveries to you will likely take 1-2 weeks depending on your address, and how close or far you are from Brampton, ON.  You will receive an email confirming shipment and tracking info as soon as your item(s) leave their warehouse, so you can follow movement and estimated delivery dates more specifically. 

Our sincerest apologies for these delays.  We'll continue to do everything we can to make sure your orders are delivered asap, and will hopefully have better news very soon.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding and continued patience!!

Best regards,

Wunderkids Team.