Shipping update for Pre-order and restocking items (Feb 22, 2022)

Update on Feb 22, 2022


Good news! Finally, we have all the items ready to ship out. The orders will be picked and packed in the sequence of the order. So it might take a couple of days to ship out all the pre-orders. But we expect all the pre-orders ship out this week! 

We will send you a tracking number as soon as available. Thank you so much again for your patience and support. Please feel free to email me for any questions.  

Kind regards,




Update on Feb 7, 2022


Thanks so much for your patience.

The container is now released from Vancouver port and on the rail to its final destination in Toronto. We expect to have the container at our warehouse on Feb 17! It will take a few days to sort out the items.

We expect to ship out the pre-order items from Feb 22 in the sequence of the order. 


We will keep you posted with any updates. Please send us an email for any questions or concerns.

Thank you again! 



Updated on Jan 19, 2022


Thanks so much for your patience.

We have an important update about the shipments for the PRE-ORDER playmat orders. The container with our playmats left Korea on Dec 23, 2021 as scheduled. The name of this vessel is PONA (IMO 9349875). 🙂  We've been tracking PONA to make sure it finds its way to Canada with no problems.


However, we've got a notification from the vessel company today saying "due to yard/berth congestion in Vancouver port, the vessel (PONA) has to wait outside in the sea until Vancouver port has a berth window to accommodate.” It was supposed to arrive at Vancouver port yesterday (Jan 18), but it is delayed till Feb 1.

Once the container arrives at the port, it will go on the rail to Toronto where our warehouse is located. Apparently, there is a delay at the port to clear the container for about 2 weeks as well. So we are expecting to have the mats ready to ship at the end of February, which means you will have the mat in early March. One month delay. We are very sorry and we feel terrible that there is nothing we can do to make it faster.

We really hope the timeline still works for you and your baby. However, if you wish to get a mat sooner, we still have Eco Color Folder mat and Silion mats (Pink only) in stock that we can ship right away.

Our sincere apologies again. We know how much you are waiting for the mat to arrive so your baby can play on it! We feel the same too. Hope PONA gets to Vancouver ASAP with the mats for our babies!

We will keep you posted with any more updates! Please feel free to contact me at for any questions or concerns. 

Thanks so much for your understanding and support again.

Warm regards,